About Jennifer Mercier


“I am passionate about women’s healthcare issues and helping to heal women with common ailments such as or infertility. I want to share the Mercier Therapy technique with other healthcare professionals so that we can collaboratively start helping women with a more holistic approach.

My background and training as a Massage Therapist, Naturopath and Midwife has been invaluable. The diversity among my clients has been amazing. I worked with a woman with stage 4 Endometriosis. Status post 6 laparoscopies. We did 12 sessions of Mercier Therapy and I helped successfully realign her uterus and ovaries into a more mobile position, restoring blood flow to the pelvic organs helped eliminate pain and dysfunction therefore leaving her pregnant within 12 weeks of finishing her therapy. Due to an abundance of scar tissue her Gynecologist told her that she would probably never achieve a pregnancy.Teaching my technique is very exciting to me! I really look forward to connecting with you and promise that you will find that Mercier Therapy Professional Training will take your profession to a whole new level.”


American Medical Massage Association
American Pregnancy Association
American Naturopathic Medical Association
Holistic Pediatric Association
International Midwives Association
Bio-Identical Hormone Society


To learn more about Jennifer Mercier’s holistic health practice, visit her website at: www.drjennifermercier.com