21st Jan


Mercier Therapy for Fertility

The Shared Journey Fertility Program is a gentle and very effective approach to a conscious conception. The programmed was developed by Jennifer Mercier, PhD. Heather Maynard is a certified Mercier Practioner.

An IVF cycle can be very costly, rigorous and physically tiring. Many times you’ll need to endure more than one IVF cycle to achieve a pregnancy, therefore Jennifer developed the Shared Journey program so that you are able to help limit your number of cycles. She will help you create a healthy environment within your pelvis to ensure a successful first IVF cycle.

You are encouraged to become educated, explore and better understand your own body’s rhythms prior to going through an IVF cycle. The Shared Journey program will help you recognize natural signs of fertility. Building a solid foundation is a healthy non-invasive solution to many fertility problems. Keep in mind that this program can be used as a stand alone regime or as an adjunct to medically assisted reproductive technology.

The Shared Journey Program looks like this:

  • 12 Pelvic Massage sessions
  • Maternal Symmetry Pre-Natal vitamin
  • Pregnancy Prep Formula
  • Rhodiola and Chaste Tree Berry
  • Organic Herbal Fertility Tea
  • A Journal in which to record your cycles

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